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Thursday, May 20, 2010

New ETF’s: What to Choose and Why?

Every week new ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) come to the market and sure have their placement and meaning.

An exchange-traded fund: ETF, is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks.An ETF holds assets such as stocks or bonds and trades at approximately the same price as the net asset value of its underlying assets over the course of the trading day. We categorize our Focus ETF’s by: Market focus:

- Small/Large/Technology Cap’s

- Industry Segment Focus(Banking, Energy…)

- Security Focus: Stocks, Bonds, Indexes, Commodities, Currencies

- Country Focus: Brazil, China, Canada….

ETFs offer the advantage of an immediate diversification and are attractive as investments because of their low costs, tax efficiency, and stock-like features: tradable at any time of the day (mutual funds are only tradable at the end of the day).

Applying the NeverLossTrading ETF deep analysis, we only qualify ETF’s:

- That are easy to leverage (we are not talking about leveraged ETF’)

- That allow for protection.

- Have a low bid/ask spread and high liquidity to allow easy in and out.

We ran an analysis of the currently traded shy of 3,000 ETF’s and only 107 made it in the club to be qualified by our methods.

By our trading method you will learn how to prevent major downslides like today. Our indicators will trigger and you will applying adequate market actions to protect your assets. The financial markets and their possibilities are wide spread and we are an education provider with clear focus and a value added concept:

In 3 day to financial freedom.

Pick how often you want to trade, when and what type of security:

- Stocks,

- Options,

- Mutual Funds,

- Exchange Traded Funds,

- Commodities,

- Futures,

- Foreign Currencies.

Check our Website at to find out what suits you and please we want everybody who invests in the financial markets to obtain an education about the exchanges and your possible options.

In each of those securities tradable, we focus you with a specific method and concept to follow on just a few and jointly determine when they are good for trading towards the upside, downside or sideways, producing constant returns.

NeverLossTrading also provides account based investment strategies by account type you hold: Personal, Cash, Margin, Custodian, IRA, 401 (k).

We are here for you, feel free to contact us:

There are sure a multitude of financial market educators: check us out how we make a difference:

Best regards,


A Division of NOBEL Living, LLC

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Disaster in Front Of Us: S&P 500 – Emini Futures – Stock Market

Where will the stock market go next and what will we do to be on the right side of the trade?
Fundamentally, all arguments would say it shall go up:

- Corporate profits are up

- Employment seems to better

- Orders are in the book

- Raw materials like oil are on lower rates

- In new technologies America is taking the lead (cell phones, computers)

But what happens to the Euro?

With those arguments we are making Greece responsible for the world economy. When we compare Greece to a State in the US, it is like making the state of Pennsylvania the decision maker for the American economy. Those who want to compare, you find Greece and PA having about the same population and about the same participation in GDP (in a simplified method).

At the end of the day , would America really worry if PA (and PA is not in the best shape) stutters a little?

The publishing and news companies love to be chicken little and let the world go under for us. But such news without a base will only hold for a couple of days, till the sun rises again.


So what will the direction going to be?

First down, to scare the ….yes… out of everybody and when we are low enough, a quick whip slashing up to make nice profits and sell what was bought cheap to those who pay.

Is the stock market evil?

NO way. It is an exchange: “securities go for money” and we decide what we pay.

Challenging times for people who are long: owning stocks or other securities (and is that not what we were taught to do: buy and hold and pray it will be up when you need it).

Worse even if you have stop losses in place.

But there is another way: “learn to get a financial market investor education and you will love every day the market moves.”

What will we do if the market does not move?

We apply a neutral strategy and make money of it.

Take your financial future and freedom into your own hands, learn to be a financial market investor.

Check us out at

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gold Futures Trade ahead of the Market

We spot a good opportunity in Gold. We will go short below $1217/oz. – 15 point target, 5 points stop.

Why: a strong Dollar will put money out of Gold - People got to nervous.

What if Gold goes up: we are not in the trade, we enter at $1217/oz. and we play the new deck of cards that comes our way.

What if I do not have a Futures Account? Trade GLD Put options or a Spread.

What if I have a small account? Trade GLD Put options or a Spread: even with $150 you can be in the trade. To learn the details, check us out at:

When your trading system is that good, why don't you put it on autopilot?

The NeverLossTrading system surely works with indicators, but on the other hand we consider key trade patterns and price setups that overwrite indicators. When you know how to play chess, there is one thing for certain, you go in the game with a game plan, until the opponent makes a different move and then the real game starts. Quoting Mike Tyson: “You go in the ring with a plan until you get punched in the face.” What does this all mean: “We need to readjust on the go and consider more than just the lineup of indicators. By that, human interaction is needed and not just a computer program that executes on certain combinations of indicators.
Trading and price action is heavily depended on human psychology and action. There is one key underlying human behavior pattern: “We all tend to repeat our past actions over and over again.” When I say this most people disagree, but take a moment yourself and see how happy you feel if you can do what you did in the past and how nicely we label this “experience”. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, we just acknowledge this behavior pattern and orient our trading towards its outcome: we identify key price patterns that overwrite all linear and statistical actions and when they occur on the price chart, we trade them.

Currently the market acts like a roller coaster. When we are at an amusement park, are the roller coasters not the key attraction where people line up for? Surely their ride combines key elements of fear and excitement which gives us the special kick to ride the roller coaster of the financial market. The key difference when trading the markets is: “we make money on the ride and try to prevent paying admission.”

Good Trading and learn how to trade, do not leave your financial future to a machine.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Key Market Events Week of May 17, 2010

At NeverLossTrading we watch out for key times in the day that might change market direction. To not be surprised about turns in the world’s financial markets, we draft a key news event calendar every week: Spelling out times of the day where we want to be conscious about a potential news triggered change in market direction.

Please find the details here:

There are more trading times in the day where certain parts of the world control the market: Asia, Europe, USA-East, USA-West. Surely we highlight those and consider the happening in our trade direction. All NeverLossTrading students learn about key trading times in the day and how to trade those.

Wishing you successful investing,

NeverLossTrading, a division of NOBEL Living, LLC

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Will Happen Next Week On The Stock Market

With the NeverLossTrading concept all we care is that the markets move and if they don’t, we use a natural strategy to make money.
Surely we make our market assumptions prior to market opening – and here we go:

Taking the S&P 500 as our leading indicator: On Friday we bounced off the lower line of the overall uptrend. We assume the market to open to the upside on Monday, facing resistance at 1160 and support at 1130. This gives us a pretty good trading range. Friday closed at: 1135.68.

When the S&P 500 open on Monday above 1136 we go long and if it opens below we go short.

Long Target: 1155

Short Target: 1110

At the long/short target we will revisit our strategy.

Let the market prove us right or wrong, we are in it and benefit from any trade direction that establishes.

Good Trading,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where Will The S&P 500 Go Next?

Isn’t this an important question for many of us?
Yes, in particular if we own stock and might not know how to protect our assets.

Buy and hold it good for brave people who like to give their money back to the market; have their stops in place to get taken out like in the last couple of days and see the market rising again after, or not. Look at APPL for example. The share price went nicely up to $270 and in one the stops all the way to $200 were taken out in minutes. Now we are back to $235. A lot of money, many people just left on the table to grab for those who know how to grab it.

Every trade has a counter trade. So for every shares sold at an unguardly short term low price, there is somebody who picked it up right at this price. In the last couple of day we had a huge shift change in shareholders and we will learn in our short term futures how the new shareholders will react to market movements. All cards are reshuffled and a new game will start.

So, what will come next? All share holders and mutual fund holders need to know now to feel how much of their investments are still there or on steak.

The students and members of NeverLossTrading learn how to participate and make money regardless of the market direction: up, down, sideways.

Surely different strategies apply this is part of what we teach.

“Our answer is: We do not know what will happen (surely we have an opinion: the market will go up short term), but we will act according to the market movement and make money”

We do not trade according to what we feel will happen, we trade on what the market shows us. We are not in the market to be right. We are in it to make money. To learn about our trading concepts, visit one of our blogs or contact us at:

85% of the financial markets are held by institutional investors: Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Banks etc. The moment they start to move our indicators show that they move and we are right there with we get in, when they do and out when they withdraw.

Out advantage is speed and this is what pays us.

Check us out at:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Investor Education: How NeverLossTrading Makes A Difference

We prepare you to be in three days an independent financial market investor for either:

Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Options, Futures, Currencies

In our classes you will be thought how to self invest or control the action of your broker. The returns we strive for with you are dependent to on your trade frequency and concept you pick. Our key slogan is:

In 3 Days to Financial Freedom
After 3 days you will be ready to invest with a proven and easy to follow trading concept. There will be no additional classes needed to trade.

Our Classes focus on:

• your desired trade and return rate,

• the frequency you can and want to trade,

• the area of your interest.

Read here

How the small investor can beat Berkshire Hathaway Funds


We are comparing the Berkshire Hathaway A Fund development since 2008 to the S&P 500 to demonstrate and promote how the small investor can advance the best fund managers by specialized knowledge and speed. With NeverLossTrading people will be able to invest in $1,200 increments instead of $120,000 and produce a constant monthly income form shares owned. As a small investor we do not have better knowledge than a fund manager, but spot their actions and are able to react much faster and beat the market by speed.

How the small investor can beat Berkshire Hathaway Funds

In a recent publication of Reuters the following was said:

“Exclusive - Berkshire is best-regarded U.S. company (By Scott Malone Mon Apr 5, 2010)

BOSTON (Reuters) - Everybody loves Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRKa.N) -- the investment vehicle run by Buffett, the so-called sage of Omaha -- topped a list of the best-regarded U.S. companies, although the public has a dim view of corporate America overall after a brutal economic downturn.”

We highly respect and acknowledge what Mr. Buffet built and achieved with Berkshire Hathaway Inc. He is a man of his word, a leader and stock market promoter for the public. His words and actions help to bring confidence and positive outlook to the American people and the worldwide public. We want to take the opportunity to thank him for that.

Looking at the development of the Berkshire: BRK/A-Fund, it has a huge price: approx $120,000/share. By today there are no options available for the fund. Berkshire sure knows about their weakness and plans to make changes in this respect. But they are not there yet.

NeverLossTradig concentrates on shares and funds that offer options, have a minimal bid and ask spread (best a penny), dollar strike prices and also penny spreads on options. We sure hope Berkshire will establish their restructured fund in this manner and we are happy to trade it, but not today. Our pick comparable the BRK/A would cost about $120 a share. With a recommended minimum of 100 shares, to be able to protect and leverage with options, we talk about a personal investments in increments of $1,200 instead of $120,000.

Making constant income and being able to protect assets is one of our investment programs we teach and practice with our students and members. Our goal is to make a monthly income of about 2-5% above the average market progression, being able to protect against market downturns and do this repetitively on a month by month basis with weekly reviews.

There is not too much effort you need to bring to control your financial destiny. Let us compare the development with Berkshire and the S&P 500 over time and decide ourselves what we want to do with our financial future.

Since 2008 the S&P 500 and Berkshire basically go hand in hand. At times the BRK.A advances, or the S&P 500 and then they catch up again.

For people who like diversification, we teach how to trade exchange traded funds of the S&P 500 and if we only produce a 2% monthly income above and beyond the market progression we are way ahead in our returns compared to a Fund like Berkshire.

The big advantage of the small investor is specialized knowledge in some sectors and speed of decision: we are in and out of a security in split seconds. This applied an educated market investor will advance the best fund managers by speed and control.

Imagine we had invested $150,000 two years ago into one share of the A-Fund of Berkshire, the share would be worth $121,000 today. Applying the NeverLossTrading concept with the same investment, preventing the down turn and making a constant income of 2% a month our account would show: $241,265.6. In other classes we teach how to greatly benefit from downturns with monthly income way above the 2% mark.

The advantage of the small investor is speed. We do not have to comply to SEC regulations. When we spot what is going on in the market it takes us seconds to react. While a huge fund holder has to slowly sell in and out of positions.

Take your future into your own hands, learn how to make money as a self investor.

We are here for you:

Key Market Events Week of May 3, 2010

Monday        10:00 a.m.         ISM Index

Tuesday        10:00 a.m.         Factory Orders

Wednesday   10:00 a.m.         ISM Services

Thursday         8:30 a.m.         Initial Jobless Claims

Friday             8:30 a.m.         April Employment Report