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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is The Stock Market Manipulated?

The following article about stock market manipulation just came to me:
and it put a smile on my face.

Do we have another Joe the plumber in:
"A large part of trading has to do with trust, and I don't have it," says Mark Swenson, a 43-year-old plumber from New Hampshire who refuses to buy individual stocks” (from the above article).
Are we serious? In every market, those who can try to take control of it.
Go and sell “Plumber Cola” against Pepsi and Coke and see where you gone end up getting. Make
adhesive tape and stick it to Scotch. Put a better diaper out and beat Proctorand Kimberly.
Do we really assume in financial markets, because of the security exchange commission (SEC) and TV, we have the same access to information like a Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan?
Yeah right. They employ 105 (and this might be a low number pulled from the sky) well educated MBA’s making market analysis for them and we feel we can get all of that through “Stock TV Entertainment” of an email newsletter we subscribe to?
Institutional Investors dominate 85% of the financial markets and they are out to succeed and care less from whom they take the money they make.
Institutional investors have a big advantage in knowledge and we will never be able to get anywhere close. So how can we compete and prevent that they  take our money?
The answer is:   Don’t fight them go with them.
Spot the action of institutional investors that can be made transparent on a stock chart and instead of fighting their action, we follow. By doing so we move in the right direction and even have an advantage that matters: speed. The private investor can get in and out of a position quick
while institutions have to scale in and out – and by their scaling we spot their action and react the same, but faster.
At the end of the day, who cares that institutions dominate the market, we can grab their tail and make fantastic market runs people mostly cannot even think off.
When you understand how to be a successful financial market investor, profits will come big time. Financial markets allow a 1:100 or 1:50 leverage without even asking a bank for a credit. With that 10,000 dollars invested can act as one million – and when the million goes up 5% you make $50,000
on a $10,000 investment. But you need to know how. NeverLossTrading is a primer institution to educate you in how to follow the footsteps of the giants in the financial market to copy and leverage their action.