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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gold Futures Trading Worth Gold

What we share today can be worth gold for you.  

The following statements are common knowledge; however, applying common knowledge is mostly not common:
“The investment in you is the one which pays the highest return” 
“Knowledge is power” 

There are various ways to participate in the value change of gold. 

The one we pick today is trading Gold Futures (full contract, controlling 100 oz. of Gold).
NeverLossTrading offers you an opportunity to change your life.
In the NLT Top-Line program, you learn to trade a situation, which exists out of a two candle sequence.

Start: “Trade Initiation Candle” – NLT Light Tower Candle with a Top-Line Signal.
End:  “Trade Exhaustion Candle” – NLT Light Tower Candle. 

The foundation and background of this trade is shared in our mentorships.
Here is how it works: 

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 1
You see two trades: 

One trade to the downside, between $1242.50 and $1,200; where the difference of $42.50 relates to a value gain per Gold Futures Contract of $4,250 with an overnight maintenance margin of $7,975; providing you a sound 50% return opportunity in the matter of a very foreseeable time frame of 1-5 days. 

One trade to the upside, between $1,227.10 and $1,257.10; relating to a $3,000 value gain per Gold Futures Contract. 

The key question is: Are those trade patterns repeatable? 

Let’s see two more charts to demonstrate: 

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 2

The chart shows a trade to the upside between $1253.60 and $1,286.10; representing a value difference of $33.50 or a gain in the Gold Futures Contract of $3,350. 

Without any additions, check out the next: 

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 3
Again, a trade to the upside: $1,334.50 to 1,343.50; representing a value gain in the futures contract of $900. In addition, a trade to the downside for a gain of $400.
Adding up the three trades, an income of $7,250 (Chart 1) + $3,350 (Chart 2) + $1,300 (Chart 3) was made, equaling a total gain of $12,900 by just trading one contract.

Surely, past performance cannot always be taken indicative for future results.
Now, what will it cost you to learn this method; use those indicators and receive further education in many dimension of trading the financial markets? 

Today, we offer you NLT Top-Line-Lite (NLT Top-Line Mentorship excluding the NLT Top-Line Seasonality Study and the NLT Top-Line Scanners) for a $2,000 discount from its original price of $9,997 = $7,997
An offer never made before, delivering the power of applicable trading knowledge right to you. 

The NLT Top-Line-Lite Mentorship includes:

  • Software (multiple indicators installed on your computer)
  • Documentation of Every Trade and Signal (200 pages)
  • Opportunity Report (3 months, min. 3-5 times/week, detailed report)
  • One-on-one or small group coaching
  • 6-Month-Mentorship

Do not miss out on this opportunity!

In the mentorship, you will also learn how to make use of this trading sequence for other type of securities and how to apply option trading strategies and much, much more. 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Option Trading Tycoon Makes Money Opening to Noon

To continue our series of option trades, let us give you an example of how to take limited risk and beautiful reward trades. 

The example given is an example from an NLT-student:

Today, I gave a day trading and trade preparation class and we did not come off shabby, making a 59% return between 9:45 a.m. ET to 9:52 a.m. ET; while talking, exchanging, watching Level II Option Screens and going through NeverLossTrading setups. We went short with Puts on WYNN. The NLT Stock Alerts showed a NLT Light Tower Candle on the high and we knew what this means: 

With a Put, you can short the stock, even in an IRA – and this is what we did. 

However, take a look at the following chart, which some of us put into action: NLT signals are only validated if the following candle surpasses the set price threshold, else we ignore them. The chart shows AAPL on a short-term trade with two wonderful trades between 9:45 a.m. ET and 11:59 a.m. ET: 

  • One short: $525.46 to $523.26 (-$2.20)
  • One Long: $526.00 to $5.27.87 (+$1.87)

Trading options, the two trades together produced a 70% return, using the NLT Delta Force Concept (part of our mentorship). 

AAPL NLT HF Day Trading Chart

Be an Option Trading Tycoon: Pay Yourself at Noon!

Learn this trade at the NLT HF Day Trading mentorship!

People at times tell us our Mentorship are expensive.

Our opinion: “They are not, most of the students make a two month payback” and if you want to start slow check and NeverLossTrading Alerts

A $297-training, which most probably does not work is really expensive, it might cost you all your funds.

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Good trading, 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pre-Market Mover Scan by NeverLossTrading

Daily our scanners skim through the pre-market session to put selected stocks on our plate to either day trade the underlying or day trade their options. 

Today, February 24, NFLX came on the radar and alerts went out at 9:05 a.m. ET. 

This is one of the shares, we like to day trade with options. 

At the 10:10 a.m. candle, the underlying gave us a buy signal and option execution was the name of the game. 

NFLX Call Option Trade

Imagine, you bought at $1.50 and you sold at $3.50

This turns your $1,500 invested into $3,500 in the matter of one hour. 

Those strategies, the referring indicators, their trading plan and so much more; ready for you to learn and put into action: NeverLossTrading HF Day Trading
Check out the details or ask for a personal consulting hour: 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekly Option Trading Wisdom

This publication is your money saver – and on top, it is free. 

Option trading is fantastic, when you know what you are doing – it is dangerous if you don’t.


Multiple variables and instances define the price of an option and you can apply various option strategies to trade at specific price constellations of an underlying. 

The inspiration for this article came from reading a publication, where a trading educator proclaimed the ultimate wisdom to “Instant Options Income”. 

The referring trading strategy was a credit spread with weekly options and after eight days (the time used in the example), you keep the premium made. A high probability trade setup was found by some moving average crossings and underlined by the trading strategy, where you will be profitable if the share price goes up, slightly retraces or moves sideways. The trade had the following components: 

  • 10 Bull Put Spreads: You expect the price of the underlying to stay above a defined minimum price level to keep the premium received
  • Every contract controlled 100 shares
  • The obtainable premium received was $230
  • The spread of the option strike prices was $2.50

In the shown example, the trade was made and the premium kept. It all sounded good; however, to evaluate this trading example, in respect to repeatability, let us consider the following: 

  • $30 average commission to open the trade and in case you have to close it, you again pay $30
  • The risk of the trade (Spread x Contracts): $2.50 x 10 x 100 = $2,500
  • Potential net-return of the trade (Premium – Commission): $230 - $30 = $200
For every trade, an odds approximation is essential: In this example, let us take 10 trades and out of those nine winners and one loser: What will be your trade balance?

  • The expected net return of $200, times nine positive trades = $1,800 (gain)
  • If you get caught once with a max loss = $2,500 + $30 = $2,530 (loss)
  • Even so you had nine out of ten positive trades, your trade balanced = -$730 (loss)

In essence, the potential risk of the trade is not in balance with the potential reward.
To quantify the real probability of this trading strategy and what it probably will do to your trading account: Take the at-the-money Straddle plus Strangle premium, divide it by two, add and subtract this result to and from the actual stock price. This will give you the 1-Sigma price range, where the market maker expects the price of the underlying to end up being at expiration. When using a Gaussian distribution the 1-Sigma range contains the final price of the underlying at expiration with a 68% probability.  

Rounding the 1-Sigma range to 70% and relating seven winning trades and three losers, your trade balance after 10 trades might end up being: $1,400 – 3 x $2,530 = -$6,190 (loss).
This is how quickly a high probability weekly option trade setup can end up draining your trading account and with this article we want to help you to stay out of such trading strategies. 

Does that mean, weekly options are not good to trade? 

Absolutely not, they can be a perfect trading instrument, if you use limited risk and high upside reward strategies; however, you always need to consider that the weekly option deteriorates about 20% of its time value per day you hold it. 

In the NeverLossTrading mentorships, you will learn applicable trading strategies for Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex. 

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Good trading,