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Sunday, March 29, 2015

I am in the Mood for Trading

In all other businesses, you can spring-start on inspiration; however, isn't it something, I am in the mood for trading and I do the wrong thing when I do what I want to do.
How so?
As a trader, you learn to wait until the market or the asset you observe is ready to make a move. You make approximations out of price-, volume-, volatility constellations and then you act on them.
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Take a look at the following chart:
CELG on an NLT Top-Line Chart with Swing-Point Indicator plus Price Breakout Zone
CELG Cyan Zone and Top-Line
Buy- or Sell signals are confirmed if the next candle surpassed the spelled out Price Threshold: Buy > $120.98; Sell < $122.62.
We developed multiple concepts that all can be combined, but do not have to be combined to let you trade at high probability trade setups. Adding one concept to the other increases your participation rate in trading for high probability chart setups.
This is the icebreaker:
You want to wait to trade until your chart setup presents you a high probability trade setup and you need to have trading strategies for long and short trades that work in any type of account.
Consider to stay in the trade for 1-5 bars/candles and then exit and get ready to re-invest.
How to find Re-Investment opportunities?
On a daily basis we support our community with multiple reports that comply to trade situations favored with assets that show favorable chart setups that allow directional trades with a high probability to get to target.
What happens if the trade goes wrong?
When you trade stocks or options, we teach you trade adjustment methods that help you turning potential losers into winners. This is what gave us the brand name: NeverLossTrading.
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Friday, March 6, 2015

Habit Change and Trading Success

Are we not all creatures of habit: Morning coffee, sleeping on a designated side of the bed, dinner time, TV, and so on…
Doesn’t it feel good when we get confirmed in our habits by experiencing that others do exactly the same?
What a beautiful confirmation, the confirmation we all strive for: I am OK, you are OK.
As creatures of habit, why would we want to make a change?
For achieving different results: More money, freedom of acting, carrier change…
If you are up for such change in your life as a trader or investor, think of the change you want to make as an improvement of your golf game. If your today’s average score is 110 and you want to play pro-level, will a 60-minute video get you there?
No, but proper training and constant practice.
However, imagine, if one could help you by shortening the fairway: Moving the tee up, giving you the chance to come effortless closer to the putting green. Would that make a difference?
GOOGL on the NeverLossTrading Top-Line Chart
GOOGL 2015
The chart shows:
  • January 5, 2015: Sell signal if the price of the next candle drops below $517.75
  • January 13, 2015: Buy signal at >$502.93
  • January 21, 2015: Buy signal >$521.85
  • February 25, 2015: Buy signal >$560.13
Magic: Those signals got confirmed by the next candle surpassing the set price threshold and then the price moves reached there set targets: dots or horizontal lines on the chart.
How so?
The NeverLossTrading signals indicate situations of strong institutional engagement and the crowed follows the leaders.
Can you trade what you see?
We would say yes and offer you to experience it in a live demonstration.
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However, now, your inner skepticism needs to ring the alert bells
A) Cannot afford to trade Google – too expensive stock.
Yes you can, imagine to only investing 1% of the stock price and you still participate in the price move of Google
B) Cannot go short in my IRA
Yes you can, by applying meaningful option trading strategies
C) Don’t have the time
Yes, you do, by us supporting you, highlighting every day stocks with favorable chart conditions as seen on the Google chart and helping you to pre-program your orders for auto-execution
D) NeverLossTrading Mentorships are too expensive
They are not: You get individual training to prepare you for being the trader you want to be. Many of our students achieve a two-month-payback on their paid tuition and we offer starter packages, which can easily be upgraded.
You have a choice:
Invest into you and your knowledge or pay the markets: If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.
We are open for new students; however, capacity is limited.
Don’t miss out.
Schedule your personal consulting hour:
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