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Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to Stay Engaged in Your Trading

Unfortunately, long-term investors have a big disadvantage over the day trader or swing trader by trading for less return and accepting a higher risk. Check our WebPage post and feature presentation: Learn to Trade it is Never too Late

Here is an overview table, how we keep you engaged as day traders with a 24-hour schedule, where you pick and choose the individual element and time frames:
NeverLossTrading 24-Hour Time for active links

It is a challenge for every trader to constantly scan the markets for opportunities:
  • From the about 40, 000 stocks traded in the US, which ones show an institutional initiated price move?
  • Do all stocks provide favorable trade conditions, given their volume, share of institutional holding, bid/ask spread, holding options or not, their P/E ratio or P/C ratio?
  • Which Futures or Forex contracts indicate the desired trade setup and how to trade them best?

New traders at times limit themselves by only trading a couple of assets, but what to do if those do not show a price move, you might miss participating in a chance that arise in gold or crude oil.

Many questions that you have to answer on your own or you decide to rely on a subscription service or trading-system-inherent-market-scanners, which help you to find those opportunities.

There are various subscription services available for:
  • Day Traders: Stocks, Options, ETF's, Futures, Forex
  • Stock Traders: Stocks for Short-Term Trading, Swing Trading, Long-Term Investments
  • Long-Term Investors: Receive a 1-5 week perspective for, Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex

The choices is yours, but in any case, prepare to have a heat seeking finder, telling you which assets have strong individual price moves to pick them and to trade when they move.
The repots you can obtain vary from simple reports listing symbols to trade to very detailed reports that relate to:
  • Defined entries, exits, stops, returns, options prices and more.
  • Others just list the symbols of interest and you work out the details on your own.

We hope, we can inspire you to bring up the discipline to follow the steps explained in our publication.

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