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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Inertia in Trading

Newton's first law of motion - sometimes referred to as the law of inertia: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
Unfortunately, Newton’s law of inertia accounts for many traders and investors, who never progress to the next level; boxed into their own paradigms:
  • I only trade /ES Futures and SPY.
  • I am trading from a 1-minute chart.
  • I am only participating in upside opportunities by trading from an IRA.
  • I am not profitable, but I only trade 3:1 opportunities.
Unfortunately, it is our human nature to repeat behavior patterns; even so they did not lead to the desired results.
When at times, we are telling new students that one definition of insanity is:
“Doing the same over and over and expecting different results”.
When this is said, everybody has a good time and smiles, until realization kicks in:
  • Who is telling you that you can only trade /ES and SPY: Do those prices even move?
  • Why to consider a 1-minute time frame: You are trading in the middle of volatility, with the odds in your disfavor?
  • You can trade both strategies, long or short from any account; you just need to know the applicable trading strategies?
  • How do you know in advance a 3:1 opportunity arises; however, if this worked for you, why do we have a reason to talk?
Did your system invite you recently to the following long opportunities?
SPY Daily NLT Top-Line Chart, November 1 – December 9, 2016
In our mentorships, we teach you the details of how to enter with multiple trading strategies when the spelled out price threshold: Buy > $221.40 for example is surpassed in the candle following the signal candle. Why is that important?
You want to trade confirmed directions, where institutional leaders initiated a move and the market follows. This way you can work with buy-stop and sell-stop orders, allowing you to pre-program your orders without the need for sitting in front of your computer at trade entry and exit.
Take a look at the NeverLossTrading Price Move Model:
Price Move Expectation
How does it look at lower time frames?
SPY 2-Hour NLT Top-Line Chart, November 18 – December 9, 2016
The 2-hour chart displayed five confirmed directional opportunities, four of those lead to the desired result and one to a stop: An 80% attainment rate.
Consider putting an end to your trading inertia:
  • Only those traders that are up for a change have a chance to make money.
  • You need to trade with clear cut rules at system specified entries, exits, and stop or adjustment levels.
  • Understand when and how to appraise the odds of every trade situation and only risk your money when the odds are in your favor.
  • Have a system, follow the system, and act upon multiple time-frames, multiple trading instruments and multiple trading strategies.
We are in the trading education business since 2008. With us, you have the pleasure to learn at your preferred days and times. Check our offering…click.
Find a system that suites your wants and needs and we are happy to organize a personal demonstration:
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Friday, December 16, 2016

Give Yourself a Trading or Investing Gift

If you trade or invest how you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.
Alter this quote a little and it applies to most things in life.
Give yourself the gift of personal growth and transformation, so you can create real, lasting change in yourself and for others through your trading and investing activities.
When your current trading or investing scheme does not get you where you want to be, why do you expect a different result without making a change?
Why does it not work for you?
Most likely, you are using a system that is not reflecting the actual happening of the markets (institutional money moves); by applying a mathematical model that does not filter signal from noise:
  • We define a signal as a pre-stage or continuation stage of a directional price move.
  • Noise is a random happening that does not qualify for a significant predictability to a directional price move.
  • We define signal-significance for those with an average predictability above 63%.
  • Same type signals have to repeat themselves on multiple time frames, tick frames, ranges, for all assets; while you need to consider meaningfulness to trade outside the noise level.
Signal and Noise: Do you Trade at Significant Price Turning Points?
Based on our statistics, standard indicators: Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Candle Patterns, and others, lead to a positive expectation, however at an average 53-55% predictability; thus, below our desired level of significance. Click here to experience what a change to a higher probability trading system can do for you.
However, the level of predictability alone will not get you to where you want to be:
  • You need to know how to find assets with a price move.
  • Money management is essential to prevent drawdowns.
  • Risk management is an imperative to evaluate every situation to decide if the odds are in your favor and what size position you take per trade setup.
  • Do you review what worked and what did not and how to make changes?
  • Are you following a business plan for trading success (financial plan and action plan), so you always know what to do, when, and how?
In our mentorships, we extend this list of principle actions for retail traders and give you the tools on hand, needed for your trading or investing in the financial markets; sharing more than 30 years of experience, manifested in clear cut algorithmic trading rules, with defined: entries, exits, and stops or adjustment levels.
Let me give you some examples:
Gold Futures, Daily NLT Top-Line Chart for November 8 to December 16, 2016
The above chart shows you two clearly defined entries: Sell <$1,218.70 and Sell <$1,181.20, allowing you to operate with sell-stop orders, which only got you in the trade when the set price threshold. The red dot on the chart identifies the price level for the first exit and by our algorithm, we assume to get there in the next one to ten bars. Both trades lead to winners and you will learn all the rules and decision making base to operate with our indicators and charts during our mentorship, which always includes a coaching session with feedback on real time trades.
If you wanted to trail your stop on the above chart, you do this with the red line, which sits on top of the red momentum based frame and is called the NeverLossTrading Double Decker Study.
Does that also work on lower time frames?
Gold Futures, 1-Hour NLT Top-Line Chart, December 14-15, 2016
Again, the chart called two trades that both came to target. However on the first signal: Sell <1147 .40="" a="" allowing="" and="" bar="" between="" bigger="" candle="" chart.="" cyan="" dot="" ends="" for="" happenings:="" in="" light="" line="" most="" moves="" nlt="" occasion="" on="" p="" price="" probably="" red="" see="" starts="" stop="" such="" the="" to="" tower="" trade="" trailing="" two="" volume="" we="" what="" with="" you="" your="">
If you rather want to participate in the price move with options or ETF’s, you can learn those strategies in all details during the mentorship program.
For every trader or investor, it’s easy to get caught up in our own minds, or worse, taking bad advice from an inferior system; paying the markets without gaining knowledge or skill.
Think this over as you head into 2017, and if you are ready for a change, check our, and let us know which system might fit your wants and needs and we are happy to give you a personal, live demonstration:
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By teaching and coaching one-on-one, spots are extremely limited, so do not miss out.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

You Can Beat The Markets: Free eBook

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Homerun Trading

NeverLossTrading, Fort Lauderdale, FL, December 10, 2016
The success principles of trading can be compared to professional sports: Success comes from skill and practice.
  • When stepping onto the plate, I am prepared to swing, wait for the right moment and trade.
  • On each opportunity, I am prepared to make short-term good profits, administering tight stops, and when the market allows, I am aiming for the fences.
  • Bring the odds on your favor; take hits in accordance to defined system entries.
  • Fill the bases: Scale in and out of positions to capitalize on home run possibilities.
  • Accept losses as part of trading, knowing the next trade will come from your system.
  • Concentrate on what you are doing without distraction.
If you have all this already in place, there is no need to read further; however, if you want to improve your trading and investing skills to let the markets pay you, read on.
NeverLossTrading developed systems that help you to spot and follow institutional money moves. Our in-house developed algorithms help traders to decide right from the chart. All our indicators are based on the natural happening of supply and demand. We offer you fractal based models that work for all time frames and all asset classes: Stocks, options, futures, FOREX.
With more than 30 years of experience, we are in the education business since 2008; focused on your wants and needs, teaching and coaching one-on-one at your best available days and times.
Our mentorships start with (our introductory system), where two-same-color candles define a trade setup (highlighted in orange boxes) and you only trade if the high of a blue-candle-sequence or the low of a red-candle-sequence is surpassed by the next candle.
FB 2-Hour Chart
The chart shows you three confirmed trade situations that all lead to a positive outcome when you followed the entry- and exit rules with teach in a four hour one-on-one mentorship.
Surely, we also support you by handing you a detailed tutorial, which explains the indicators, trade setups and various trade strategies. Each of your teaching sessions will be recorded, so you can repeat the learned until it sits and you can swing when the chart gives you the right trade situations. Focusing on you to learn how to trade, we install all software and chart setups for you on a free trading platform that provides you real-time data access with no annual fees; allowing you to trade what you see by keeping your broker relationship without additional costs.
If this strikes your interest, we are happy to invite you to a personal demonstration:
Call: +1 866 455 4520 or
Adding more indicators and the convenience to read the desired price threshold right off the chart, NLT Top-Line offers a 20-hour mentorship, own scanners, watch list indicators and a lot more. This is what you see on the chart:
E-Mini Dow Futures 2-Hour NLT Top-Line Chart, December 1-5, 2016
DOW 2-Hour Chart December 5, 2016.png
The chart above highlighted the most actual trade situations, capturing major price turning points by spelling out price thresholds: Buy>$19,170 for example. This way, you can operate with buy-stop orders and you only enter a trade when the set price threshold is surpassed in the price development of the next candle.
Your trading career as a full-time or part-time trader has to be prepared: Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. We published in a short book: “Your Trading Career as a Private Investor” key action steps, you might want to consider: A less than $3 investment that can help you a lot.
In each of our mentorships, we help you to define a business plan for your trading success, which includes a financial plan (what to expect) and an action plan (what to do, how, and when).
 To assure the learned sticks with you, you can send us your trades for feedback.
Consider to move ahead with your trading and investing and schedule your personal demonstration: Call +1 866 455 4520 or
What often happensChanges to be madeHow it can be done
Entering positions on news or assumptions.

Only trade on system defined situations with clearly spelled out entries and exits.Follow the NeverLossTrading instructions: Let the chart tell, when to buy or sell!
Constantly aiming for the fences (homeruns), instead of moving ahead trade by trade.

Take the opportunity, trail the stop, get out when the trade turns against you or adjust your trade to potentially turn losers into winners.Trading multiple lots at once, taking profits at 1-SPU, 2-SPU with a trailed stop. SPU is the NLT specific expected price move after institutional engagement.
Aggravation, frustration, distraction, when trades do not work: Loss of oversight.Stay focused, trade on indicators only. Never do a revenge trade. The market owes you nothing.Focus and concentrate on your trading plan: What to trade, when to trade, how to trade.
Taking every opportunity instead of letting those go by that are not promising to be a good hit.Checking the risk/reward-ratio and the probability of the setup, trading only when the odds are in your favor.Follow a business plan: financial plan and action plan. Position size according to your odds appraisal. We share those models with you in the mentorship.
Trying to do three things at once, not staying fully concentrated on trading.The batter has to clearly concentrate on the ball. The same accounts for trading.Following a pro-trader setup:  Analysis, risk management, administration, trade mechanics. All taught in our mentorships.
Consider to move ahead with your trading and investing and schedule your personal demonstration: Call +1 866 455 4520 or
Teaching one-on-one, spots are extremely limited.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

High Probability Trading and Investing

“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”
This quote, given by the famous baseball player Yogi Berra already summarizes the problem trader’s constantly face: Finding repetitive situations, where the future price move of an asset can be predicted with high probability.
Trading systems shall provide you with a structured approach to tell which situation to consider and which not: where to place your entry, exit, and stop or adjustment level.
But what is high probability compared to the opposite: low probability?
Our definition is easy: A system that gives you trade setups, verified by past performance, where you have a >63% probability to predict the future price happening is high predictability and everything else is low probability.
Let us give you some examples:
NeverLossTrading Top-Line Chart for Crude Oil: September 26 – December 2, 2016
The NeverLossTrading Top-Line chart shows you five potential trade situations that all have an easy condition to specify your trade entry:
The spelled out price threshold: Buy>$47.45Sell<$46.63 has to be surpassed in the next candle. Only when this is given, you accept the trade; allowing you as a trader to work with buy-stop or sell stop orders. This way, you do not even have to be in front of your screen: you can preprogram your trades to this condition and have them auto-filled.
When you check the above chart, following this principle mechanically, lead to four winning trades (magnified) and one losing trade (first orange signal from the left): winning four out of five, gave our system in the observed time frame an 80% predictability and thus, high probability!
When you consider the following simple exit rules: At red and blue signals, consider that a price move that starts in a NLT Light Tower (candles with a cyan color dot), likes to end in a NLT Light Tower. In addition: you are in average, five bars in a directional trade on those signals. Putting this together, is giving you an easy game plan to follow. On orange signals, we even like to trade for 10-bars.
But what to do if your risk tolerance does not allow you to trade daily crude oil charts?
We teach you how to trade derivatives, scaling your risk levels in $50 or $100 increments.
Does that also work on lower time frames?
Absolutely, we us fractal based mathematical models, focused on spotting and following institutional money moves and this way giving you repetitive happenings: let us put a proof to it!
 NLT 1-Hour Top-Line Chart for Crude Oil, November 29 to December 2, 2016
The chart shows you six trade situations that were validated by the next candle ticking out the set price threshold, leading to five winners and one loser: 83% probability for success in the observed time frame.
We teach our systems one-on-one, focusing on your specific wants and needs: NLT Top-Line is our top of the line; however we also offer entry level systems and allow traders to upgrade later, discounting the tuition payment from the price of the upgrade.
Take a look at our offering…click and let us know which system you want us to give you a personal demonstration on.
Call +1 866 455 4520 or
By teaching one-on-one, spots are extremely limited, so do not miss out!
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