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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trading Requires Preparation

In this week’s educational letter, we focus on trade preparation. 
Professionals are Prepared – Trading is a Professional Business

A)   Trading Time Table

You trading day opens at 6 p.m. ET (all times mentioned are Eastern Time). Volumes are low at this time; however, there are days, where the market makes an adjustment move in the first 30 minutes after 6 p.m. ET. The next time period to check is: 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. After this, the markets usually halter, until they move again around 2:30 a.m. (London Session). All financial markets usually take a rest at 5:30 a.m. and restart at 7 a.m.; with more heavy trading volume until noon. At around 1 p.m. the market participants then decide if they want to confirm the morning direction or not; ending the day at 4:15 p.m., with an extended our session for specific instruments and restarting their day at 6 p.m. 

Your second trading time table comes from considering economic news events that pertain to the asset class you are trading: Futures and Forex traders consider an around the clock time table. Find an example at our news section…click here: Major news events are highlighter in red (“High Importance”). The best way to tackle news events as a day trader: Stay out of the market over the event and to re-enter when the market forces found a new directions, which usually takes between 10 to 30 minutes. If you are holding stocks over highly important economic events, stock earnings or news announcements, we recommend protecting against a potential downside risk by adding options. 

Stock and option traders usually stick to the US-economic-news, where this weekly calendar gives you a very good overview of the most important events…click here

B) Prepare for the Assets You want to Trade

There are assets that trade with-, independent from-, and others that trade against the overall market development. This always gives you the opportunity to either go long or short with favorable instruments. 

Why does this matter?

Markets or asset prices fall five to eight times faster than they rise and thus short selling strategies should be an essential part of your way of trading. 

Trade where markets move: Fish, where the Fish are. 

Either Build yourself a scanner, which is in tune with your trade setups or subscribe to a scanning service that provides you with an overview of assets on the move. Sticking strictly to one asset or a limited number of assets, reduces your probability for market participation and compounding interest. 

NeverLossTrading Alerts informs you on multiple levels with assets, which showed institutional attention:  
C) Approximate the Risk and Minimum Movements to Trade

Calculate the expected price move of an instrument per time unit observed and only trade when the odds are in your favor. 

Example: CSCO moves about 11-cents per hour, which is below the minimum price move expectation, we would recommend to trade a stock or option on, even so the stock is highly liquid, exchanging a minimum of 3-million shares per hour. On a daily time frame, the price of the CSCO share moves about $0.33/day and fulfills the minimum requirements for a trade to take. 

If you are looking for a high probability trading system …click here and download an overview (PDF), which will explain how to work with defined trade entries and exits, knowing meaningful risk and reward levels, only entering into trades when the odds are in your favor:
Win in the average series of trades, where the individual trade matters less than the overall performance in executing your trading plan, striving for continuous improvement with the help of our mentorship programs

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Preparation for Your Trading Success

Why to pair a high probability trading system with mind preparation?

Check this YouTube link to see what a high probability trading system can do for you:


The following YouTube link helps you to understand how critical mind preparation is for your trading success:


One of our key slogans is: Trade what you see, we put the trade entries and exits right on the chart for you; however, it takes a change in mind: To feel, think and trade in probabilities, where the individual win does not matter as much as the cross average gain over multiple trades (20 for example).

AAPL Chart with NeverLossTrading Signals: Only trade if the spelled out price threshold is surpassed
: Can you hold this discipline?

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Monday, March 17, 2014

FREE Presentation and Trade-WithMe Event!

We are  excited to announce two online events, you do not want to miss out on:
March 18, 2014 at 6 p.m. ET, NeverLossTrading Trade-With-Me Event!
We share selected assets with institutional money moves and how to trade and protect them.
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March 19, 2014 at 5 p.m. ET, Rande Howell from Traders State of Mind:
Overcoming the Barriers to Your Success in Trading
Success in trading seems like it should be within your grasp. But, despite a strong understanding of the markets and the know-how of trading, that success stays elusive and keeps slipping through your fingers. What do real professional traders know that you don't?
Both you and the accomplished trader have the same knowledge. The difference is his ability to act in the clutch when capital is at risk.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

High Probability Trading Presentation Recording

How to find high probability trade setups?

By spotting and following institutional money moves on key reference time frames.

Please find our presentation recording on YouTube:

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FREE Presentation and Trade-A-Thon Event!

You are invited, 

We are  excited to announce the participation of NeverLossTrading in two online events: 

Two different presentations, two contents, one common denominator:

All financial markets: Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, and Treasuries are dominated by institutional investments.
Experience how to spot and follow institutional money moves on multiple time frames as a day trader, swing trader, and long-term investor. 

Never listen to the news again, the charts will tell you to trade what you see. 

Presenter: Thomas Barmann from NeverLossTrading

The Trade-A-Thon is a Multiple Presenter Event  featuring:
  • Powerful Option Setups
  • Futures Trading Techniques
  • Stock Trading Strategies (intra-day and swing)
  • Forex Trading Strategies
  • Nadex Trading Opportunities
  • And more...
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Thomas Barmann 

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Knowing Institutional Stock Trading Activity Pre-Market

How would your trading be, when you knew were the prices move? 
With the NeverLossTrading Pre-Market Mover Alert, we developed a modern trader finder tool, which helps you to participate where money moves.
“Fish where the fish are”
The NLT Pre-Market-Trade-Finder-Sonar is part of the NLT Stock Trading Alerts.
Let us give you an example: March 6, 2014 Alerts

We had eight stocks listed with potential setups for short-term trading on price breakouts off and to the NLT Price Breakout Zone.  


The Cyan Zone on the Chart is what we call the NLT Price Breakout Zone. Prices of selected assets tend to circulate around this zone, helping you to trade Breakouts and Reversals off and to this Zone.
BIIB opened three trading opportunities, each with a 0.7% return on cash or 2.8% return on day-margin. Had you realized all three opportunities a 2.1% or 8.4% return in just one day was produced.
Imagine you are able to do this every day!
When you read further, you will see that it is possible.
Our aim for those setups is to trade along with the arising opportunities, producing a minimum return per trade of 0.5% on cash or 2% on day margin; closing positions around 2 p.m. ET: The time, when the trade pressure is usually exhausting itself. 


CAT, one of the slower movers still shows a wonderful trade setup and deployment, right from the bat, producing a 0.5% return on cash or 2% return on day trading margin, in the first trading hour. 


YUM delivered a 1% return on cash, or 4% return on day-margin. 


MRK produced a 0.7% return on cash or 2.8% return on day-margin, twice, resulting in either a 1.4% or 5.6% in one day.
All shares listed in our Pre-Market mover report exchange more than 2 million stocks per day. MRK for example had about 200,000 shares exchanged per chart-bar, assuring easy fills when you are opening or closing positions.
If you want to be part of this, sign up for a free week of the NLT Stock Trading Alerts.


TEVA produced two trades, each with a 0.5% return on cash or 2% return on margin, producing either a 1% or 4% return in one day, when trading the Price breakouts off the NLT Price Breakout Zone, which is available as a standalone indicator.
The 0.5% return is also the minimum we strive for in this type day trade.
Aside day trading stocks the NLT alerts are suited for Futures and Forex, swing trading, and long-term investments. 

Check our site and find the alert combination that suits you most: NLT Alerts….click
The final three trades, we just combine and you will see yourself how they setup and deployed

Never be late for a trade!
Sign up for a one week free trial of the NeverLossTrading Stock Alerts 

  • Pre-Market Mover Alerts
  • Daily Swing Trading Alerts
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