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Friday, November 27, 2015

Trading Means Anticipation

A successful trader has a systematic way to anticipate the future price action of an asset based on the momentary price constellation.
Not successful traders are reactive and start to enter a happening when it is right at the point where it ends, reverses and takes your money.
If this happens to you and your account balance is telling the truth; consider, if you are not making a change, your results will not change either and you have a high likelihood of losing all you have.
Make a difference:
The following example shows the concept painting opportunities for a swing trader, who only wanted to go long:
AAPL 4-Hour Chart (four wins)
Trade Colors AAPL Long Opportunities is our introductory concept to algorithmic; activity based trading: spotting and following institutional money moves. It even allows you to upgrade to other NeverLossTrading systems, getting your tuition acknowledged.
NeverLossTrading systems offer you three key instruments, helping you to turn yourself into the trader you want to be:
  • High probability systems that repetitively paint institutional price action on your chart, inviting you with buy- or sell signals to participate.
  • One-on-one training suited to your wants and needs at your available times: learning class room style is inefficient and after years of school and college you barely get paid for the amount of investments made. All recorded so you can repeat the learned over and over.
  • Executive teaching from a success coach, experienced in bringing the best out of people, giving focus, sharing concepts, providing calculations and documentations in month-long mentorships to ensure you are on the right path.
NLT 1-Hour Top-Line for a Futures Trader (three wins in 24-hours)
NLT Top-Line ES 1-Hour Chart
Download your concept write up to understand how our systems can make a difference for you:
If you cannot see the charts, click here to read this article as a blog post…click.
NeverLossTrading systems measure the activity of institutional investors and we do not most ingenious, we trade along with the move, from where it starts, to where it ends; only accepting little risk and aiming for what we call explosive breakouts that pay us along the price move.
We are a primer education institution with focus on one-on-one training, were you and your wants and needs are in focus.
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Trading Your Way

Are you already where you are or do you want to make a difference with your trading?
We are in the trading education business since 2008 and so far, we have not experienced two traders with the same preferences: risk tolerance, preferred time frames, and assets to trade.
What is our solution?
High probability, algorithmic based trading systems, helping you to spot and follow instructional money moves, with one-on-one trading education, suited to your wants and needs.
We offer multiple, individual, and adjustable trading concepts for day traders, swing traders, and long-term investors, all suited to your wants and needs.
NLT Long-Term Investor Top-Line Chart for CMG 
NLT Top-Line Chart for CMG
If you to go long on a buy- and short on sell-signals, when the spelled out price threshold is surpassed in the next candle and you had to hold the trade for five bars, what difference would this make in your trading account?
In the example above, if you traded stocks, a 34% return in four months; if you traded with our NLT Delta Force Option Concept, a return of 1003% was possible; turning a $1,615 investment into $16,205.
Learning one-on-one means you are receiving an executive service at your best available time and for the assets you are interested to trade or invest in: If you like to trade stocks, why would you learn about trading live cattle futures; however, if this is your interest, we tune your sessions accordingly.
Each of your trading sessions is recorded, so you can go through all you learned like a professional athlete, training one-on-one until the learned sits and gets perfected.
Unfortunately, we are used to going to a school, graduating classroom style, where we need long years to gain some specialized knowledge that gets us paid.
If you want to progress as a trader: Classroom style learning is inefficient.
Get coached one-on-one: Apply what you learned, try it out, and perfect it, until the learned goes into your long-term memory, applicable when it matters.
At NeverLossTrading:
  • You receive one-on-one teaching, focused on your wants and needs.
  • Each session is recorded so you can repeat multiple times what you learned.
  • You receive electronic documentation with detailed trade setups examples.
  • We work with you to build a business plan for your trading: Strategy, financial plan and action plan.
  • You will receive free NLT Alerts, highlighting assets that carry the chart setup you learned to operate with.
  • You are up for constant feedback how you applied what you learned during the mentorship period.
Just two examples of our mentorships: 4-hours of training, software installed for you (one indicator), 1-month with all questions answered, 50 pages of documentation, 30-days Free Alerts: $2,497 (fully refundable on upgrades).
NLT Top-Line: 20-hours of training, 20-indicators installed for you, 6-months of mentorship, 180 – 300 pages of documentation, 90-days Free Alerts, Watch Lists with indicators, market scanners: $9,997
Experience in a live demonstration, which system suites you best:
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