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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trading Stocks And Other Securities With Indicators Or Without?

Lately I am hearing professional traders and trade educators stating that the best way to trade is solely rely on price action, with nothing but candle sticks or bars on the chart.

It is an interesting concept and we know that experienced traders who do this profession for 10 and 20 years for sure imagine the lines or paint them in their inner eyes, but novice and learning traders what do they do without orientation?

Key is to not look at all indicators and lines all the time.

When we take a peek at the cockpit of an airplane we see countless meters and instruments. Most of them are not needed all the time, but in case it matters, they are there. An experienced captain can just fly us from New York to Miami by following key landmarks, but he will and is required to use his instruments. When new captains start flying an airplane they better look at what the instruments are telling and this is why captains run through an intensive training, simulator flights and education to know what to do in all situations.

NeverLossTrading educates you to get a investor license for the world’s financial markets and we help our students to follow clear orientation points that are put on the chart: telling where to enter, where the stop goes and where to take profit.

In reference to using nothing but price action: When I once went to watch the Golf US Open, Tiger Woods putted with a Driver. Why? Maybe because he can, but I am not trying to put this one in my repertoire and I know that playing a round of golf with just one club will not bring me the desired results.

We have one trade, for people who just want to use one indicator and it works, but not to the same degree as other trades do – so it makes money, but leaves money on the table too.

Check the chart and assume the red line as the stop line, the green line as the orientation line and we have the one club golf course winner. As said, it works, but does not let us harvest all that is there.

How to trade this:

• Red above green line: downtrend

• Red below Green line: uptrend.

• Red Line = Stop Line

• Breakouts above or below the red or green line show you where to trade towards

• Trade in one direction till you get stopped

We call this trade the NeverLossTrading Double Decker trade. Those antique flying machine work and so does our trade and it brings traders who do not want to consider many variable to their goals.

In case you cannot see our picture click here:

There is for sure a bit more finesse to this trade, but look at the details with a 5 minute and daily chart and tell me what you are thinking.

If you want to learn the trade, we are happy to teach it to you.

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