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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stock Market: Are We Going Down ?

The stock market in a remaining uptrend with short term corrections based on high     unemployment rates, other countries are used too since decades.

We have sound economic growth with high unemployment and will have to accept those to be two independent variables. Why do we say so? The US is a mature economy, factories workers jobs got displaced over decades and by technologies and shift of production outside the country we will face high unemployment of around 10% for a long while. All European countries cope with such unemployment rates since 30 years.

Does the economy grow and progress? Yes. Usually we feel informed by the news, but as Mr. Mark Twain tough us: if you read or listen to the news, you are informed, but you never know if you are well informed.

Look at all the fantastic earnings reports of the last weeks, and most of the companies also showed revenue growth. Let us look at the newest reports:

Cisco Systems reported its fourth quarter results and said: Its fourth quarter earnings per share, excluding items, beat analyst estimates by a penny, with a 18% revenue growth. Sure some “experts” assumed they should have a 20% growth and with that they are greatly growing but below the expectation of an article writer. Tomorrow I expect the weather to be 9O F and sunny. St. Peter better meets my goals, else he is going to be rated below my expectation.

Kohl's Corp. (KSS), our retailer, reported second-quarter net income and revenues at forecasts and surely they did not meet experts expectations.

How sets up all those expectations and on what basis? It all sounds like a scam and somebody wants to purchase my shares at a lower price to sell it back to us at a higher price soon after.

General Motors reported a profit for the second quarter of $1.3 billion, up from $865 million in the preceding quarter, while sales at the Detroit-based company came in at $33.2 billion, versus $31.5 billion in the first quarter. This is a 5% growth and we want to overlook it?

We always trade with the market and now we get ready to bullish trades (the upside), interpreting the undercurrent of the market very different to the mass media.

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