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Friday, November 16, 2012

Spot the Footprint of Money on the Stock Chart

Institutional investors dominate more than 85% of the financial markets. 

However and how hard they try to hide their orders, private investors can easily spot them: 

  • Algorithmic trading is a key word, which signifies the majority of today’s market interactions.

 How do we as private investors cope with this?

  • Easy: “However Institutions place their orders; the Differential of Volume (orders exchanged per time unit) shows their actions on our charts, for us to trade along with”. 

 Hence, we do not battle or worry that most institutions have superior trading technology; we take advantage of making their action visible on our charts. 

Attached a link to simple video, of successfully trading along with institutional price moves: 

The video shows how to trade Crude Oil futures on the two-minute chart, while the NeverLossTrading Indicators work on every time frame. Below a daily chart for MSFT.

This is what the chart shows and how we trade along with it:

  • The orange box frames the volume-change initiated price range. When the price breaks out of the box, this is the direction we trade. 
  • We color the candles by a specific algorithm and use them for trend trading: If the high/low of the second opposite colored candle is taken out by the following candle, it provides a trade entry or the trailing stop level on a longer trend trade. 
  • The lines on the chart show key price accumulation levels (support and resistance). 
  • The lower study shows the average and expected price move per time unit (here one day) and builds the first trading target. 
  • Stop-levels are either in the middle of the box or at outside the bottom or top of the box. 
  • The blue skyline looking bottom of the price chart shows the actual daily volume. 
  • We teach multiple trading strategies with options to harvest along the price movement of the observed stock and developed a market scanner, which give us daily stocks, setting up for a volume based price move.

Here another example: Trading AAPL (Apple Computer) with NLT Indicators

The shown concept explains the key principles of NeverLossTrading. In our mentorships, we align multiple indicators for high probability trading with stocks, commodities, treasuries, currencies and their derivatives. 

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