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Friday, March 7, 2014

Knowing Institutional Stock Trading Activity Pre-Market

How would your trading be, when you knew were the prices move? 
With the NeverLossTrading Pre-Market Mover Alert, we developed a modern trader finder tool, which helps you to participate where money moves.
“Fish where the fish are”
The NLT Pre-Market-Trade-Finder-Sonar is part of the NLT Stock Trading Alerts.
Let us give you an example: March 6, 2014 Alerts

We had eight stocks listed with potential setups for short-term trading on price breakouts off and to the NLT Price Breakout Zone.  


The Cyan Zone on the Chart is what we call the NLT Price Breakout Zone. Prices of selected assets tend to circulate around this zone, helping you to trade Breakouts and Reversals off and to this Zone.
BIIB opened three trading opportunities, each with a 0.7% return on cash or 2.8% return on day-margin. Had you realized all three opportunities a 2.1% or 8.4% return in just one day was produced.
Imagine you are able to do this every day!
When you read further, you will see that it is possible.
Our aim for those setups is to trade along with the arising opportunities, producing a minimum return per trade of 0.5% on cash or 2% on day margin; closing positions around 2 p.m. ET: The time, when the trade pressure is usually exhausting itself. 


CAT, one of the slower movers still shows a wonderful trade setup and deployment, right from the bat, producing a 0.5% return on cash or 2% return on day trading margin, in the first trading hour. 


YUM delivered a 1% return on cash, or 4% return on day-margin. 


MRK produced a 0.7% return on cash or 2.8% return on day-margin, twice, resulting in either a 1.4% or 5.6% in one day.
All shares listed in our Pre-Market mover report exchange more than 2 million stocks per day. MRK for example had about 200,000 shares exchanged per chart-bar, assuring easy fills when you are opening or closing positions.
If you want to be part of this, sign up for a free week of the NLT Stock Trading Alerts.


TEVA produced two trades, each with a 0.5% return on cash or 2% return on margin, producing either a 1% or 4% return in one day, when trading the Price breakouts off the NLT Price Breakout Zone, which is available as a standalone indicator.
The 0.5% return is also the minimum we strive for in this type day trade.
Aside day trading stocks the NLT alerts are suited for Futures and Forex, swing trading, and long-term investments. 

Check our site and find the alert combination that suits you most: NLT Alerts….click
The final three trades, we just combine and you will see yourself how they setup and deployed

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