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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Comments on Trading Strategies

Lately, I was listening at some multi-speaker events to the presentation of several trading strategies and no wonder that many of you are doubtful in the application of any.

Well known presenters showed strategies, which are very easy to follow and administer: When a certain asset goes comes down 16-ticks, you go long for 32 and you risk five. Charts and an actual trade proofed that this is right and works.

Another one was, when gold moves up or down that much at 6 p.m., you go long or short and then overnight you are making money.

Those are billionaire strategies if they would work and they sell for just $97 from normally $197. It is a must buy for everybody who believes this is doable.

When trading is that easy, we would have already produced an indicator and auto trader which does this all the time for us while we are hanging out at the beach and come home rich.

What will actually happen: You will find out in your account statement what a $97 investment can cost you.

A pro makes money with what the person does. Which profession is there, where you can be a pro by watching one DVD?

Think about what determines the value of a product or service?
  • Some are raw material related, when little work is done to them, like simple jewelry.
  • Many others define their value by the cost of labor involved and skilled labor can drive those prices high, like a car.
  • Others have their value based on the productivity they bring and pay for themselves in either replacing other cost elements or by increasing productivity (throughput) and by that shorten the payback time.
When you consider this, and when you risk $500 per trade, and it does not work out twenty times, you invested $10,000; while you wanted to spend just $97.

The issue is:

“You paid the market and you still have no tools on hand that help your next trade to be more successful”.

Do you want to make a change to your trading?

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