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Friday, November 7, 2014

With today’s publication we want to support you twofold:

1.       Giving you the chance to download our Book: Your Trading Career as a Private Investor, totally free at Amazon.

In general, what is for free has no value, but you might want to do a fast read through this book, if you aim to produce constant income and long-term wealth from trading or investing.

When you learn how to participate in the up- and down moves of the financial markets, you will start to invest more frequently and turn yourself into a trader. Trading is a professional business and it requires preparation:

Those, who take the other side of your orders are prepared to make money. Are you?

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2.       Learn to Trade, it is Never too Late

Our feature presentation at Traders World Online Expo:

Understand why the long-term investor is taking the highest risk and produces the lowest return and how you can break this circle of doom. Experience:
  • The importance and impact of a trading system: We follow institutional money moves.
  • Why and how to constantly staying engaged in the financial markets makes difference.
  • Why you need and want feedback on your trading. A feedback you cannot give yourself.
  • Trading is all about managing risk. Read how to be a good risk manager.
  • After November 21, when the expo closes, the referring article will be published.

At times people ask us why we are called NeverLossTrading: Because we teach people how to adjust trades without taking the stop loss, which tremendously increases the odds of making money, while a majority of traders (72%) are losing money, 16% remain to be scratch traders and only about 12% achieve the goal of constantly making money.

Make a change to your trading career and schedule a private consulting hour to find out which trading system suits you best: All our trading systems will be tailored to your individual wants and needs, like a tailor made suite, fitting you and making you look good.

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