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Thursday, June 25, 2015

How I came to Trading; How I Trade

Here is a link to a podcast where the 52 world best traders are interviewed: 
The podcast reaches from how I came to trading, to why we are following institutional money moves, like shown on the chart below: 
Euro Futures on a 1-Hour NLT Top-Line Chart
Euro Futures Top Line Chart
The chart shows you:
  • Seven trade indications that got confirmed and came successfully to target
  • A purple cloud around the recent price development, which indicates that institutions are not clear about the direction of the Euro, while we expect a directional price-move, when the Purple Zone ends. 
  • Red Lines on the chart signify stop levels
  • Horizontal NLT Price Gravitation lines identify price accumulation or target levels
Would it make a change to your trading to act on such signals?
Do you think you can learn to act on buy and sell signals? 
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