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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Are You Trading at Price Turning Points?

Dear Fellow Trader,
Successful traders decide on which chart constellations they trade. A sound chart analysis is a mandatory skill to become a successful trader or investor.  
Where most traders struggle:
  • Which are best time frames, tick- or range-bars to trade, to be able to detect a signal from noise?
  • What is the amount of meaningful risk to take and for how much reward and time do you trade for?
  • Which assets are best to trade at what time frames and times of the day?
  • Do you know assets ready for a price move and are you able to stay out of the market when nothing moves?
  • Are you following a trading plan with clearly defined entries, exits, stops or adjustment levels?
  • Can you hedge a position that turns against you; turning a potential loser even into a winner?
  • Are you trading at multiple time frames to create multiple steams of income at key price turning points?
This is where we step in and help you to make a difference: Understanding the influence of your personality in trading, we teach one-one-one, with focus on your personal wants and needs at best available times; creating together with you a business plan that contains a financial plan to formulate your expectations and an action plan, for you to know at any given day and trade situation, what to do.
Thomas Barmann, the inventor and founder of NeverLossTrading, is a master at teaching others how to trade calmly, rationally and only when the odds are in your favor. He has proven himself for decades as a leader and action taker, helping the people he works with to achieve results above their expectations.
Systems and trading techniques shared work for day traders, swing traders and long-term investors, operating with Stocks, ETF’s, Options, Futures and FOREX.
If you fail to prepare trading the markets without a strong system and education, you might be prepared to fail.
We are just adding a new education package:
NeverLossTrading TurnPoint Trading Mentorship Program
NLT TurnPoint Trading Logo
The NLT TurnPoint Trading Concept is for the modern day trader, swing trader, and long-term investor. Trade at critical price turning points with a high probability trading system, applicable for Stocks, Options, Futures, FOREX:
Gaph-1: Dow 30 Emini Futures Chart with Trade Indications at Turn Points
Turn Point Dow 4 Hours
In the above chart, you see five confirmed trades (the candle after trade initiation indication was surpassing the set price threshold). This resulted in four winning and one losing trade, accepting the signals mechanically; by considering certain trade patterns we share in our mentorship, the loss could have been prevented.
The NLT Turn Point Trading Concept is applicable for all time frames and trading styles: Day trading, swing trading and long-term investing. When we come together, we let you choose your priority and we tailor the NLT mentorship according to your needs: Multiple trading styles can be combined in one and the same mentorship:
Your training and coaching is always one-on-one, producing highest focus and efficiency:
  • Follow institutional money moves with indications for algorithmic buy- and sell programs.
  • Expect reaching your pre-defined trade targets in one to three bars or close your trade after a maximum of five bars; independent from the time frame or asset class you chose.
  • Spot indications for directional price moves on the price chart and lower studies.
  • Find high probability setups for all asset-classes; even experience how to pick 5:1 and 10:1 reward/risk scenarios.
  • Five Hours of executive training/coaching and two months of mentorship.
Graph-2: FB Turn Point Trading from a 4-HOUR Chart
Turn Point FB 4-Hours
High predictability: 75% winners on the chart above, just by taking signals mechanically, while we teach you how to position sizing, depending on the probability of the individual setup.
Would that make a difference to your trading?
The NLT Turn Point Trading Concept is a powerful algorithmic-based, high probability trading system. It works as a stand alone or in conjunction with other NeverLossTrading concepts, always giving you: 
  • Defined entry prices: When those are surpassed, we can expect a strong directional price move.
  • Stop levels, identified by either: 2% of 1-SPU above/below the trade indicating candle or below a NLT Box Line. 
  • Clear set goals, where target-1 is represented by a dot on the chart, indicating a 1-SPU price move (SPU = Speed Unit, or minimum expected price move after institutional action is identified and confirmed). Target two is represented either by the next NLT Box Line that carried over from the past price action.
The following chart shows a 24-Hour time frame for the Emini S&P 500 futures. Again, we were taking trades mechanically at each signal and produced a very high return rate. In the mentorship, you will learn position sizing and potentially not accepting some trades based on price limiting lines, you see on the chart.
Graph-3: Day Trading with the NeverLossTrading Turn Point Indicator.
Turn Point ES 20 Minutes .January 22 2016
Aside from the signals spelled out at the price chart and lower study, you can follow and use the concept, which is imbedded: trading at price continuation patterns of two red- or two blue color sequences.
The study on the bottom contains additional validation and initiation signals, helping you to find sound trade entries at key turning points.
All NeverLossTrading concepts help you to spot and follow institutional money moves on multiple time frames and for all asset classes.
The “NLT TurnPoint Trading Package” includes:
  • Five indicators, working together, signaling high probability trade setups. 
  • All software installed for you on a server, accessible form all your computers.
  • Specific trading plans for a selected set of securities (while it works with any security).
  • Two months of free NLT Alerts: Identifying assets with institutional attention.
  • 7-hours of teaching with individual recordings.
  • 100 pages of documentation.
The NLT TurnPoint Trader Program will be tailored to your specific wants and needs as a day trader, swing trader or long-term investor, teaching you on the referring assets, applying:
A) Strong Directional Trading Methods at Turn Points
We teach you in trading methods with highly positive reward/risk relations, rarely to be found or published anywhere else, backed up by:
  • Trade comparison calculations.
  • Chart analysis techniques.
  • Back- and forward tested indicators.
  • Trade Evaluation Model
B) Trades at Price Continuation Patterns
Trade when market makers better their inventory positions.
For adding to an existing position or starting a trade at a new high probability chart-setup.
C) Adaptive, Algorithm-Based NLT Indicators
  • Auto-calibrating by the change in observed time-unit or asset. –
The Software Package contains the following indicators and studies; all installed for you, giving you FREE real time data access to all US-exchanges:
  • NLT_Candle_Colors
  • NLT_Box
  • NLT_Speedometer
  • NLT_Turn_Point_Trading Indicator
  • NeverLossTrading_Turn_Point_Validator (multi study indicator)
D) Top Notch Documentation
Aside from being trained in individually focused sessions, you will also receive a clearly detailed tutorial with screen shots, trade examples, and trading strategies. Each training session will be recorded for your personal use.
E) Program Aftercare
When your initial teaching is over, we will meet you once a month for a period of two months to clarify questions and pass on more detailed training. Surely, if you need our help in between, we are there for you.
F) Executive Training and Coaching
Learn from a proven leader, focusing to turn you into the trader you want to be –
  • Individually scheduled classes.
  • Specific training, focused on your individual wants and needs.
  • Clear direction and trade execution.
G) NLT Alerts
Sharing assets with institutional attention: Fish, where the fish are. Our scanners find good harvesting grounds for you, reporting at least three times per week or even on a daily basis, assets with potential price movements.
Examples of what an upgrade to NLT Top-Line provides:Some of the indicators used in “Turn Point Trading” are also used in other NLT systems, making it easy for you to upgrade for receiving additional signal, giving you a higher participation rate.
  • High probability trade entries, spelled out on the price chart.
  • Instant reading, how an individual security performs in respect to the overall market.
  • Price move evaluation: Major or minor move of the asset. 
  • Software to scan for assets with favorable price/volume moves.
  • One click performance view on NLT-Watch-Lists installed on your machine.
  • Additional support programs and trainings.
Offered at a price between NLT Top-Line and NLT WealthBuilding, this new program shall offer you easy to follow chart setup and high probability setups with little personal discretion.
For a personal demonstration, please feel free to contact us:
Call +1 866 455 4520 or
The risk of trading securities, options, futures can be substantial. Customers must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation before trading. In our teaching of how to trade the markets, in our newsletters, webinars and our involvement in the Investment Clubs, neither NOBEL Living, LLC, the parent company of NeverLossTrading® , or any of the speakers, staff or members act as stockbrokers, broker dealers, or registered investment advisers. We worked out trading concepts and share them through education with our members and clients.

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