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Sunday, October 13, 2013

As a Trader or Investor, You Depend on How Well You Predict the Future

What is the basis of your prediction and what is your rate of success? 

Standard methods and indicators will bring you nowhere;
Else everybody would be a billionaire.

Find the professional support you want and need in NeverLossTrading Alerts:
-          Real time algorithms detect institutional money moves on multiple time frames.
-          All asset classes are screened, telling you if money moves from stocks to treasuries e.g.
-          How else do you know if the Swiss Franc is in demand and the Japanese Yen sells off?
-          Spot early move indications, strong directional engagement, continuation patterns.

Never Trust in the “official” News,
if you do, you might buy on the high and sell on the low!

Our algorithmic based scanners find stocks, commodities, currencies and treasuries with institutional attention………...brochure download:

The Crowd Follows the Leaders

More than 85% of all financial market decisions are institutional investment based. Our natural- and mathematical models, indicators, scanners, vector graphics, and studies, aim to detect and portrait institutional money flow and share this happening with you:

NeverLossTrading Imperatives: 

  • Potentials only unfold when defined price thresholds are surpassed (Entry Potentials)
  • For every trade the expected price expansion is approximated (Exit Potentials).
  • Key support and resistance levels are considered in the exit potential calculation.
  • Only trades with the odds in your favor should be accepted.
  • Continues trading produces higher returns than buy and hold (constant income).
  • You make better decisions with NeverLossTrading Charts than without them. 

Sing up for the alert of your choice and test it Free for one week (Link below):

Find the NeverLossTrading mentorship and learn algorithmic trading with human interaction:  for questions or to schedule a FREE consultation: Call +1 866 455 4520 or 

We are looking forward hearing back from you.

Good trading,

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