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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Find Your Stock Trading Opportunities Pre-Market?

How to fish, where the fish are or how to trade where money moves?

Sonar is the answer for the fisherman; NeverLossTrading for the serious day trader or swing trader. 

If you have a way to figure out where price moves happen, you are one step ahead and we want to help you getting there. 

85% of all price moves in the financial markets (Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, and Treasuries) are institutional money driven. NeverLossTrading developed and shares systems, which help you to spot and trade along with institutional money moves as a Day Trader, Swing Trade, and Long-Term Investor. 

Today we want to pick a day trading example: The lowest time-frame, we usually consider for our trading is the 10-minutes. As a wonderful addition to our trading alerts, we developed the NeverLossTrading Pre-Market-Mover Scan for your benefit. 

This report is part of the NeverLossTrading Alerts for Day Traders (published 3-5 times per week), helping you to find stocks which had Institutional pre-market-attention and are approximated to at least move 17 cents or 0.5% of their value in 10-minutes. 

The key question:  What is the probability for success of this trade?

Reflecting on the results of Friday, October 25, we found a 74% or even 82%-win-rate. However, by SEC regulations, we want to inform you that past performance is not always indicative for future results. 

To see the Performance Review of the NLT Pre-Market-Mover-Scan, check the following link for details:

Performance Review for the Friday October 23, 2013

Link to the Performance here.
Let us briefly talk about odds and how you stack them in your favor in terms of the game theory:
Imagine, you are playing a game, where you have a 70% win-rate and you had three trials in one game, however, you are able to start a new game at your discretion in a 2-hour time frame, if you are able to spot that it starts. After two hours, all games stop. 

What would you do? 

Participate in as many games possible, when a new game starts. If you never risk more than you can win, you are doomed to make money. 

How do we translate this into our trading? 

When you had two wins trading one symbol of the NLT Pre-Market-Mover-List and you traded a third signal, your probability for success is greatly reduced. This is why we stop trading each symbol after the second win. 

The challenge is now, how to start a new trade? 

You would need to know which of the symbols observed has and confirmed a trade signal.
Check out NeverLossTrading, we put you in the position to trade along with the opportunities as they arrive: 

If you are serious about learning to participate in the financial markets the NeverLossTrading way, schedule a consulting hour with us: 

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