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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gold Futures Trading Worth Gold

What we share today can be worth gold for you.  

The following statements are common knowledge; however, applying common knowledge is mostly not common:
“The investment in you is the one which pays the highest return” 
“Knowledge is power” 

There are various ways to participate in the value change of gold. 

The one we pick today is trading Gold Futures (full contract, controlling 100 oz. of Gold).
NeverLossTrading offers you an opportunity to change your life.
In the NLT Top-Line program, you learn to trade a situation, which exists out of a two candle sequence.

Start: “Trade Initiation Candle” – NLT Light Tower Candle with a Top-Line Signal.
End:  “Trade Exhaustion Candle” – NLT Light Tower Candle. 

The foundation and background of this trade is shared in our mentorships.
Here is how it works: 

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 1
You see two trades: 

One trade to the downside, between $1242.50 and $1,200; where the difference of $42.50 relates to a value gain per Gold Futures Contract of $4,250 with an overnight maintenance margin of $7,975; providing you a sound 50% return opportunity in the matter of a very foreseeable time frame of 1-5 days. 

One trade to the upside, between $1,227.10 and $1,257.10; relating to a $3,000 value gain per Gold Futures Contract. 

The key question is: Are those trade patterns repeatable? 

Let’s see two more charts to demonstrate: 

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 2

The chart shows a trade to the upside between $1253.60 and $1,286.10; representing a value difference of $33.50 or a gain in the Gold Futures Contract of $3,350. 

Without any additions, check out the next: 

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 3
Again, a trade to the upside: $1,334.50 to 1,343.50; representing a value gain in the futures contract of $900. In addition, a trade to the downside for a gain of $400.
Adding up the three trades, an income of $7,250 (Chart 1) + $3,350 (Chart 2) + $1,300 (Chart 3) was made, equaling a total gain of $12,900 by just trading one contract.

Surely, past performance cannot always be taken indicative for future results.
Now, what will it cost you to learn this method; use those indicators and receive further education in many dimension of trading the financial markets? 

Today, we offer you NLT Top-Line-Lite (NLT Top-Line Mentorship excluding the NLT Top-Line Seasonality Study and the NLT Top-Line Scanners) for a $2,000 discount from its original price of $9,997 = $7,997
An offer never made before, delivering the power of applicable trading knowledge right to you. 

The NLT Top-Line-Lite Mentorship includes:

  • Software (multiple indicators installed on your computer)
  • Documentation of Every Trade and Signal (200 pages)
  • Opportunity Report (3 months, min. 3-5 times/week, detailed report)
  • One-on-one or small group coaching
  • 6-Month-Mentorship

Do not miss out on this opportunity!

In the mentorship, you will also learn how to make use of this trading sequence for other type of securities and how to apply option trading strategies and much, much more. 

Contact us: 

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

Sing up to be part of our free here.

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