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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Find Your Trading Opportunities for Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex

If trading was easy, nobody would ever go to work.

Trading requires you to handle a high amount of complexity in finding securities with potential price moves, making the decision to trade them with an adequate strategy at defined entries and exits.  

As a subscriber, we help you identifying assets on a potential institutional initiated price move for day trading, swing trading and long-term investing.

Imagine all the hours, you need to spend for selecting the opportunities, we deliver into your inbox. 

Find the alert that suits your trading: 
  • Day Trading Alert 
  • Stock Trading Alert (Swing Trading)
  • Long-Term Investor Alert
In this publication, we focus on the “NLT Long-Term Investor Alert” which includes:
  • Industry sector development overview.
  • Power options.
  • Futures and Forex in focus.
  • Selected stocks with options.
Developing the “NLT Long-Term Investor Alertforward, we added the following:
  • A filter for stocks with lower-price-move-expectation and unfavorable option stats; keeping our focus on stocks with favorable returns and easy adjustment possibilities.
  • A first round of chart evaluation to eliminate higher risk setups, reducing the number of symbols to consider. 
  • Approximation of the Reward/Risk setup into: Risky; Acceptable, and Favorable. Chart validation required. 
  • Indication of Put/Call sentiments: Bullish- (green) or bearish (red).
  • A stock market segment sentiment bar chart, plotting the relation of favorable up- and downside movers.
  • Price Pattern Evaluation: Explaining the price situation where the NLT signal occurred. All NLT signals need confirmation by the candle, which follows the trade initiation candle surpassing the set price threshold Buy> $39.29 e.g.  This week’s examples are: 
a.    Hi Earnings Breakdown: The stock price broke down even so 20% higher than expected earnings were reported: Bearing a reversal- or further breakdown potential. Please see the Ford example: 

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