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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Act Like Institutional Investors

The big money moves the markets and the influence of leading financial institutions even increased in the last seven years. One little demonstration: Goldman Sachs balance sheet development 2007 – 2014 (source: annual report): Since the end of 2007, the common equity of GS is up 85 percent. Their liquidity is approximately three times higher than the end of 2007, with further progress in 2015.
By the action of key financial institutions asset prices constantly change and when you are able to spot key price turning points, you can be part of the constant change in supply and demand.
Price Turning Points for the Goldman Sachs Stock, November 20 – December 14, 2015
NLT Top-Line GS Daily.png
On the NLT Top-Line chart above, you see three key price turning points, which were found by the NeverLossTrading algorithms. At each trade a defined entry level price threshold is formulated which builds the entry price level for a in this case, the sell-stop orders: Every trade has a clearly defined entry, exit and stop. Above, we showed a trading example from a daily chart, how does such system look at a lower time frame?
NeverLossTrading Top Line Chart: 1-Hour Goldman Sachs, December 10 – 15, 2015
NLT Top-Line GS 1 Hour
When it works for a stock, does it work for an index or commodity too?
NLT Top-Line, 1-Hour Crude Oil Chart, December 11 – 15, 2015
NLT Top-Line Crude Oil 1 Hour December 2015
Can you see the key turning points our activity based trading system portrayed on the chart?
As a private investor, you have a key advantage over institutional money: speed. You can enter and exit entire positions at once, while institutions scale in and out of positions and thus, they leave a trace that you can spot and follow.
If your account does not allow you to short stocks or trade futures, learn how to participate in downturns with simple to learn and highly effective option strategies.
Make a change to your trading for the upcoming year:
  • Find key price turning points.
  • Apply strategies to trade to the up- and downside.
  • Always define entry-, exit-, and stop levels for every trade to take.
  • Trade frequently when prices turn, entering and exiting entire positions at once.
  • Build a business plan, including a financial plan and action plan, telling you what and when you want to trade.
Do you have this entire already in place?
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