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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Which Stock to Trade?

Don’t we all want to trade a stock that is outperforming the markets?
Outperforming has two dimensions:
  • A price development far above the market.
  • A price development far below or against the market.
As you can see, we are already considering more than one strategy to trade the markets. Let us assume: By having thousands of tradable assets, we always have the ability to pick a stock that has a potential for a desired price-move and thus, we neglect price-neutral-strategies and focus on going long or short in an asset.
How do you notice a strong individual stock performance?
Never be late for a trade (without Brand).png
We can help you twofold:
Each of the NLT Alerts or scans has clearly defined entries, exits, and stops- or adjustment levels.
How to go short from an IRA or trade high value stocks from a small account?
By applying option strategies!
Now, it gets even more demanding:
  • Which strike price to pick?
  • Which expiration day to choose?
Answering all this is part of our mentorship programs; in this article we just want to guide you through a list of trade preparation steps and give you some examples of high probability trading.
Let us share some wisdom:
  • Long-term investors best trade from a daily chart.
  • Swing traders from a 4-hour and daily chart.
  • Day traders from meaningful sub-day time frames.
Long-Term Investor Example: Time in the Trade 1-5 weeks, while many of us only stay in a trade for two weeks.
TSLA Weekly NLT Top-Line Chart
TSLA on a Weekly NLT Top-Line Chart March 2016
Dots on the chart mark the target, bubbles the formulated price threshold for the entry. Bubbles, where the requested price threshold was not surpassed by the next candle are not commented. TSLA on the above chart had six winners and one losing trade, by accepting trades mechanically; considering that we do not want to trade the second NLT Light Tower (candle with a cyan dot) in a price sequence, the loss could have been prevented. When applying trade repair strategies, the losing trade could have even been turned into a winner.
As a live example, we are taking the NeverLossTrading Long-Term Investor Watch List Alert for the Week of March 14, 2016 and strike a balance today at March 24, 2016; documenting the following results:
March 14 to March 24, 2016 Predictions and Results: 9-Winners, 2-Losses
March 24, 2016 Long-Term Investor Alert
81% winners after two weeks or less in a trade is a result that speaks for high probability trading, which we dedicate ourselves to; check your charts and you will see for yourself.
The subscription to the NeverLossTrading Long-Term Investor Alert is $195/month. As a special offer, we give you the first week for free for testing…click here for the details. Test it out with no obligations. We only trade when the desired price threshold is surpassed: The NLT Alert contains the entry price level desired to indicate a strong institutional price move.
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