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Monday, October 31, 2016

Your Every Day Trading Election

Soon, America is voting for a new president. Who is going to be the winner?
To predict the outcome, break down the swing states and add up the electoral votes of the others: Build and algorithm around the poles for the states that matter: then you have a good chance of hitting the right result; however, this is betting on a 50:50 chance.
When it comes to the financial markets, you trade within volatility and the odds of winning are not equally distributed; hence, you are in need for systematic approach that is helping you to find more good than bad trades.
When you do not risk more than you cash-in and you produce more good than bad trades, you are in for making money trading or investing.
How do you know where prices will go?
You are predicting with algorithms that follow the natural model of the markets.
What is the natural model: Supply and demand decides for the price: Demand goes up, prices rise; supply increases, prices drop.
Easy, isn’t it?
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